let’s talk about.. us

This current year has started out quite spectacularly for me. Saying that doesn’t necessarily mean everything has been fantastic and I’m having the best time of my life. What I mean, is that I can feel my personal journey of understanding and accepting, learning and remembering moving forwards and getting stronger.

Even though I think everyone has this journey with them their whole lives, it’s not always conscious and therefore, I think, it’s not optimal and often causes a lot of extra struggling.

I had a moment of connection and understanding at the start of this year, when I was scrolling through books online. I had this strong pull towards wanting to read about spirituality and mind work etc. and one book lead to another, until I ended up to a synopsis of a book called Witch by Lisa Lister. Immediately after reading the little blurb, I felt such a strong feeling within me. I can’t really compare it to anything else I’ve ever felt. It was a connection with so much strength in it that it left me almost breathless and I didn’t have to think twice about whether to order it or not.

” A WITCH IS A WOMAN IN HER POWER. She’s wise, a healer, someone who is aligned with the cycles of Mother Nature and the phases of the Moon. Yet for so long, the word ‘witch’ has had negative connotations – being used as an insult, a slur and to perpetuate fear. In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the history behind witchcraft, why in the past centuries the word ‘witch’ has led women to be tortured, drowned and burned at the stake, and why the witch is now waking once again in women across the world today.”

Now, having been reading that book for the last couple of weeks, I’ve found it to have a reassuring message to me. Many times I’ve had to stop reading, to have a moment to think and be in awe of the way the things it talks about is actually within me. It’s not so much teaching me new things, but more like reflecting the thoughts I’ve been having in the past months and the past year. These kind of books can quite easily be ones that tell you what to do, but how I’ve found this one to be is quite the opposite. It’s helping me process my own thoughts and find a place to put them into practice.

One of the things I love having gotten the reassurance of from this reading experience, is the fact that being in your power doesn’t mean having it all together. The problem with this society and everything social media feeds us, a point that patriarchy basically has forced us to, is the pressure to be something, to fit into a mold, to be a perfect version of whatever it is we are on some levels told to be and to achieve. It doesn’t leave space for us to be the most, to have an overall power in life. It takes us away from our true nature, where the strength truly lies.

“It’s in the darkness that roots grow deepest; and in that basement, the divine feminine has continued to grow strong.”

“This reconnection with the Self and remembrance of your magic takes time, dedication, and lifelong commitment to the incredible, awesome, complicated and delicious messiness that is you.”

I’ve never been one to want to label things, myself or others. It hasn’t been something I feel comfortable doing, it doesn’t have a freeing or settling feel to me. All it does to me, is feeling pressured, uncomfortable and unconnected with myself. I’m not saying labeling yourself is a bad thing, because for some it’s an important part of themselves to be able to have a name and self found explanation on who they are. But let’s leave it at that, self labeling. Let’s stop labeling each other.

General labeling is something that I struggle with the most. I’ve had times in my life when even choosing woman in a form as a gender has been a daunting process. I’ve screamed in void “I’m a human. I’m a human. Why do you need me to label myself and make me identify as one that you tell me to be?” Now you might be thinking, huh, do you not identify yourself as a woman? What do you identify yourself as then? How can you be connecting with being a witch if you don’t see yourself as a woman, when a witch is a woman in her power? Well, to be honest, I don’t have an all-telling answer to you. I don’t even have an answer to myself. Generally I have a connection to a female self, I feel empowered by that energy. I know that I don’t have to identify myself, that I don’t have to put a label on myself, that’s a truth I’ve found a balance with in my life. But facing the moments where it’s expected, where it’s being seen as a norm to be this and that, and there’s no questioning that. It makes me want to throw up.

Where I’m going with this label talk, more specifically woman talk, is an important topic that I think should be talked about more. Because what are we doing? What I see daily in real life and in social media, is a lot of women putting down other women. We judge, we forcibly put each other down, we emotionally abuse each other, whether it is in straight contact with that person or with various amounts of quiet behind the back. We gossip. I’ve started to make a conscious effort to quit doing that myself altogether. Because what the hell? We should be lifting each other up, not telling others to be and act this way and that. We can work with positive and negative energy and learn to accept that being a human is not all sunshine and rainbows, we can work those true life feelings together, but it can be done without taking that negativity on others. And what I truly believe in, is that what you give outside is what you get inside. If you keep giving negativity, surrounding others in a negative light in your thoughts, it’s yourself that’s going to get that negativity reflected on yourself.

“And the world that you see on the outside, is a reflection of what’s on the inside / So if you see something you don’t like, check in with your own life” – Let It Be Alive by Tubby Love, Paul Izak & Anna Surento

What this book has left me graving more information of, is our history. What is the story of women. I want to read more about witch hunts and patriarchy and the progress overall. That is a subject that I haven’t had an opportunity to educate myself on before in more detail. It’s not something that was brought up that greatly in my school years when I was younger. And I’ve never just thought that I should seek out that information myself. Of course I haven’t lived under a rock or something and been completely naive when it comes to gender equality, but some things are kept so quiet that you don’t even think to have a second thought on why things are the way they are. But something I’ve learned in the past couple of years, is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Find your own truth, not someone else’s truth.

I know I’ll be coming back to this book a lot in the future. There’s a lot of things I’ve connected deeply with and have marked them up to help me in the process, to have a little back up if some reassurance and guidance is needed. Mostly it’s all intuitive work, but even the best of us have doubting moments in life, no matter how invested and passionate we are.

This is a certain kind of starting point, like a conscious one. There’s a lot of directions I could be going from here and it’s all very exciting. Working with the moon cycles is my current focus point, along side with getting a firmer hold on myself. I think the most important thing is to let things go at their own pace, to find a balance and trust yourself and the universe to lead you to the right direction as you navigate your thoughts one step at a time to the possibilities.

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This is chapter one on the let’s talk about.. series. In these posts I’ll be talking about topics that come up in the books I read and the thoughts they wake in me. If you have any thoughts, questions, personal experiences etc., please feel free to leave a comment and have a discussion.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.


Wishing you all the best,