summer bucket list


Hello everyone. What’s good about your day?

I woke up to a sunny day this morning feeling all energized and motivated. I’ve been doing yoga quite regularly for the last couple of weeks and I can’t even explain how good it leaves my body feeling. Concentrating on breathing has always been a bit “out there” for me, I haven’t really gotten the grasp of it, but I feel like I’m finally getting to a point in my yoga practices that I’m noticing a change. It’s something so powerful and leaves me feeling light and almost like I’m floating in the air. Like I’m part of the air I’m breathing. It’s exhilarating. That is what’s good about my day. I get to make my body move in a way that strengthens me and gives me joy.

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take charge of your own life

Hello everyone! How has your week started?

I had five days off work around this past weekend and maybe for the first time I’ve reached a point where the time off work has really left me recharged and calm. I’m actually quite astonished at how life is and feels at the moment.

Summer has jolt started here in Finland in the past week or two, giving us a surprise heatwave. It was just mere weeks ago when we were still looking at the remaining piles of snow on the ground and wishing with all our might that spring would start to finally arrive. So, this early summer weather (I’m talking about over +25°c and cloudless skies) is truly something to be treasured. Even though it almost seems like we’ve missed one part of a season in between.

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a day in my life

Hi! I wanted to do something different and take you with me for a day. I hope you enjoy! I had such a lovely time yesterday.

Sunday 6th, May

6.00 am Hello sunshine!

My always so nice body clock woke me up at 6 am on a Sunday. Funnily the first thing I noticed was that it was really bright inside. Yes, please and thank you to the sun shining this early! But I really hadn’t had enough sleep, so I about forced the sleep to come back. This has been a bit of a problem lately and yeah, maybe it’s the spring and all the daylight it brings with it, but I haven’t been getting enough sleeping hours. At least not those much-needed deep sleep ones. The result is waking up nearly always tired. So happy though to look at the weather forecast and see that it should be warm and sunny for at least the next ten days. That always gives some extra energy for the days.

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wardrobe clear out

Hello everyone!

How is the spring treating you at the moment? I love the feeling you often get at spring time where you start wanting to clear out everything, to make things feel more simple and fresh. I think it has the most to do with the growing amount of day light. Representing some sort of awakening. At least for me, when the weather starts to become warmer and the sun is out more and more, being inside begins to feel kind of suffocating. What I find really helpful at this time of the year in particular, is to make sure I don’t have too much stuff lying around unused.


I finally got around to clearing out my wardrobe this weekend. It’s been a long time coming, let me tell you. I have a really bad habit of not even using my closet but instead putting clothes on straight from the drying rack. And the same clothes keep cycling from there to being used to laundry and back. What it really shows is that the amount of clothes I use compared to the number that I own, is really small.

My life has come to a point where I’ve started to get frustrated and having some sort of anxiety from only the thought of opening my wardrobe. I think it holds such strange energy to it with all the mixed clothing pieces that it makes me unbalanced. It’s something I just want to get away from. So I’m finally taking charge of the situation and clearing it out. With the intention of making it a space that looks and feels like me.

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a spring catch up


Hello everyone!

Time has gone by so quickly, I can’t even quite comprehend. It’s already April! Spring is catching up to us and the anticipation is huge. It’s the best feeling to realize and truly enjoy the growing amount of daylight that we have at the moment. To have moments in the evening when you’re looking outside on a sunny day and it’s still so damn bright at eight o’clock that it almost feels like summer.


So there’s some catching up to do, as in a little life update.

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gone to a doctor in the past two months. Not to mention the hours I’ve spent in the hospital. About three weeks ago, I had a surgery on my ovaries. It went well and I’m all fine now. But it still was a surgery and the recovery, alongside with about ten things, are something I’ve never experienced before. It’s been a rollercoaster, to say the least.

After being on a sick leave for five weeks in December-January, because of a broken wrist, I thought, taking a break from work and having some time to reflect on your life, is kind of a good thing. Even though the time didn’t come from the best of circumstances. At least it ended up having a great timing, so that I had the possibility to start a new year with a renewed view of strength I had on myself.

This time around thought, I’ve had this time off with a mixture of feelings. I was at work only for a month and a half between these sick leaves and it didn’t really feel like I needed any time to take away from the life I was living. But on the other hand, this has been such a different time compared to the broken wrist situation, because it’s been a slow process (even though it’s gone much quicker than I had thought it would) to be able to move and do normal every day things again. I guess it’s a bit different having one hand off the game than recovering from having your stomach cut open.. I have to say I’ve never quite enjoyed walking outside and watching the nature changing as much I do right now.

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When you look around, what do you see? Look at the walls, the ceiling, all the corners. What does this space mean to you?

When you close your eyes, what do you feel? Are you able to let go of your thoughts and just be in the moment? There’s energy in everything. In every object, in each living creature. Are you able to take in the energy you feel around you, in your space, without your thoughts and concrete things shaping up your being in that place, in that moment?

Does that space allow you to breathe? Does it calm you down? Does it give you energy? Do you feel safe?

image1 (34)

Giving in to the moment, letting go of all the thoughts going through your mind, is hard.  There’s so many should’s and did’s and what if’s, that sometimes you might not even realize how much of your time you use, just going through those things, without actually doing or being a part of those things at the moment.

I used to think I was really good at being in the moment, of letting my mind rest from all the thinking. And to a certain extend that’s true. Quite rarely I have too much going on inside my head. But when we’re talking about being in the moment and feeling that moment, knowing my own energy and the energy around me, in my space, I’m struggling.

What I find myself doing, way too often, is spacing out. Sometime in the past, I “learned” spacing out, to ease.. my being. It was a safe space, away from feeling everything and anything. It wasn’t or isn’t something I consciously do. Now I can just name it and understand what I’m doing, better than before. But it doesn’t take away from it being unhealthy. If I had to explain it in words, I would say it’s like shutting down. It feels like I’m shutting down myself. It makes me feel safe, it makes me not think or feel, but it also means I’m not here. And I certainly am not in the moment.

In the past months, maybe in the past year, I’ve learned to start letting go of that safety blanket I’m so used to wearing. I don’t think it’s been really a conscious decision to start doing that, but I’ve come to realize many things that has automatically been in connection to that. For example, being inspired to connect with nature more and wanting to feel more grounded, has increased my power to be true to myself and have more balance with my emotions.

image2 (26)

To practice being in the moment and letting go, the first step, I think, is to find a place you feel safe in. A place you can be 100% you, with no reservation. For me that place is my home. It’s when I’m alone. I find it in simplicity. I like to look around me and have open space. Bare walls and natural lightness.

The second step, I would say, is allowing yourself to feel and accept. I find myself quite often living with a mindset of ‘I have to try..’. It’s always ‘ I have to try to be better’ or ‘I have to try to start and do’. But the truth is, all that trying is not a way to make things change for good. I find it really toxic to always have that way of thinking, because ultimately it has the undertone of ‘I’m not good enough and I have to be something and someone I’m not’.

Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to feel and accept the person you are. With that allowance you will be much more open to personal change and actually capable to work with yourself to create a healthy space for yourself. A space that doesn’t necessarily have to be stationary. A space that reflects your inner self wherever you are and lets you grow and learn and work with life.

image1 (35)

Whether you have a hectic life or you find time slipping by for other reasons, take a moment to appreciate the state of life you are in, at this moment. Even if you’re not happy with the way things are. Breathe and let yourself feel. Look around and find things you’re thankful for. Close your eyes and look inside and find things about yourself you’re thankful for.

I’m at a point in my life, where finding serenity is the key point. All the pushing and trying is only giving me negative energy and for sure won’t give me any room to actually find any answers and move forwards in my life.

Allowing yourself to accept who you are and where you are at your life at this moment, being in the moment and creating space for your true self, doesn’t mean slowing down to a stop. It’s about building a ground beneath you. It’s hard work. It’s not waiting and hoping. It’s working with yourself and having faith that you will figure things out as long as you keep your mind open for change.


Thanks for reading,







motivation for each day

I’ve never been that big of a calendar user. When I was younger, I often bought or got one and I was so excited get to it but it always fell behind unused. The reason I’ve kind of failed with calendar use before is because I don’t have meetings or much else going on schedule wise than work. So it’s always felt like I don’t have much to fill the calendar days with.

What I’ve now realized, is that a calendar can be used in many different ways. It doesn’t have to stand around work. It can be whatever you want it to be. Let it be a motivator to do what you have to do. And most importantly let it be a motivator to push you even further to achieve your dreams and goals.

The calendar I have this year is very simple. And I love it for that. Each week has its own spread. It has space for each day as well as sections for notes and ideas, to do – lists and for things to do later on. The only thing I’m missing at this moment is a monthly page between each month. It would be amazing to have a little space for reflection, but there’s empty pages at the end, so I can use those for that. Or maybe add my own pages in between? We’ll see how it turns out.

The front cover has an elegant silver writing of 2018 spelled out in Finnish. The back cover was just the plain color, so I wanted to do something to make it look more exciting and interesting. I had a couple of unused postcards and I thought the one I ended up using really fit into the style and colors of the calendar. I might end up decorating the covers more as the months go by.

With these two/three weeks I’ve been using this calendar I’ve realized I don’t have much stuff to put into the ‘for later’ section. And I started to think about what would be a more efficient way for me to use that space as and I read my new year’s resolutions list and there I had it. I split the bottom space into three sections. I still have the ‘for later’ space and in addition I put in a ‘budget’ section and a ‘this week I’m thankful for’ section.

image1 (28)

I’m excited and pleased with this lay out and having the calendar as a whole. It’s helped me so much already with having my life moving forwards even though I haven’t had any schedule because I’ve been on a sick leave for the past month. I believe this will help me work towards my goals and do self-reflection. The most important thing for me is that I can look at this as an open page. It doesn’t reflect me if I don’t make it reflect me. I don’t feel caged to be this one person, because I have the power to make this what I want it to be. I have freedom to create and be open on these pages and with myself.

image1 (30)

As you can see from this weeks page, it’s already filled out pretty nicely. I bought some stickers to be able to decorate the pages in an easy and effortless way. I know when work starts again I won’t have as much time to use filling out everything and decorating, so I think this is a great way to motivate me to keep using the calendar even when it feels like I don’t have any extra energy.

I’m also super excited to get to use a new device I bought to myself as a birthday present at the end of last year. A Sprocket. Have you heard of it? It’s a small photo printer. You can print sticker photos from your phone, using bluetooth. I think it’s a fantastic way to collect memories to your diary or calendar or in which ever way you want. I’ve seen other amazing ideas how to use those photos, for example in present wrapping to address a present to someone by using a picture taken together.

If I had or if I start using monthly pages in this calendar, I would put one picture to each months page. Like a highlight photo. I think that would be amazing to look back to and see everything I’ve done and experienced. It would be a great motivator, I think.

I’m taking one day at a time and reminding myself that even the smallest things can be big. Taking notice of those things and spelling them out and saying to yourself  ‘ you did good today ‘ and we’ll face tomorrow with new energy. Building your energy starts from the moment you wake up. You have the potential to build that energy as high as you want. Take each day with grateful eyes and open mind and the possibilities are endless.


Wishing all the best to you,