a little life update and what to expect

Hello everyone!


How are you doing? Have you had a lovely summer so far?

I wanted to post a little life update here on my blog because I’ve been gone for quite a while now. To tell you the truth, I simply just wanted to take some time off from writing. It started to feel like something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do. And this being a hobby for me, it didn’t make any sense to keep doing something that brought unnecessary stress into my life.


This summer has been in many ways a season of personal growth where I’ve learned f.ex. how to recharge. Or rather, what it takes to recharge. Well, I think the base of knowledge has been there for a long time (or maybe always), but sometimes we need some 101 life lessons, don’t we?


I have five more days of my summer holiday left and thinking back to the time before my holiday makes me shudder. I ran myself so down that the last week at work in the beginning of July, I felt (and looked) like a zombie walking around and just pushing myself to do what I needed to do. And I definitely had myself to blame for that. I wasn’t taking good enough care of myself. I wasn’t giving myself enough hours to sleep, I wasn’t keeping my energy levels steady, I wasn’t giving my body and mind the support they needed in order to function properly.

This topic of self-care and everything it holds inside is definitely something I want to write more about, but that will have to happen in the future. Maybe in the near future, we shall see.

Let’s just say that I feel so much more in balance at the moment and I look at the coming Autumn with excitement in my eyes.


Things I look forwards to – Autumn 2018:

  • for the temperature to drop from this summer heat (30°c), no thanks anymore
  • to keep practicing yoga regularly, I’ve done so well this summer, let’s keep the spirits up for the coming winter time as well!!
  • to keep studying French, I feel like celebrating every time I stop and take a look at the process I’ve made. Yes, I’m still at the basics but I’ve kept going forwards for a couple of months now and I’m SO PROUD of myself for not giving up!!!!
  • BAKING, BAKING, BAKING!!! It’s been so damn hot here that turning the oven on has been a big no no. Also I’m planning on posting a recipe here twice a month (at least) starting on September, I think..
  • writing blog posts in general.. maybe starting some kind of a posting schedule
  • enjoying the autumn time; apples, apples, apples, falling leaves, candles, cosy clothes… RAIN
  • warm, cooked meals
  • reading more books, I’m so glad I’ve found my love for books again this year
  • continuing to be in tune with the nature in the best ways I know how to..


What are you looking forwards to? I would love to hear your thoughts and plans.


I’ll see you in September (at the latest) and I wish you an amazing August. Let’s keep our hearts and minds open for opportunities and moments that might come our way (maybe even unexpected) and to whatever it is we might need at this point of our journeys.


With best wishes,


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