summer drinks


Summer is the time to look out for your hydration more so than ever. For me this is an ongoing problem and far too often I find myself realizing in the evening that I’ve only drank maybe a glass or two of water. Not good. And the thing is, if you start your day with at least one glass of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, you will feel so much more energized and balanced. So why is it so hard to act the way you know to be good and important?


Let’s make this fun! In the summer everything becomes much more colorful and bright, so why wouldn’t you participate in it and give yourself an energy boost through the things you consume. Bring in all those fruits that are in season and add in some herbs you like and mix them in a can of water. Put some ice cubes in to keep it nice and cold and enjoy your water. So much nicer and you find yourself drinking lots more than usual without even noticing. The key is to make it look appealing and fresh.

I wanted to share some of my favorite infused waters at the moment, so here they are.



Blueberry Boost


1 L water

1/2 lemon sliced

a handful of mint leaves

a handful of blueberries

(ice cubes)



Refreshing Nectarine


1 L water

1/2 lemon sliced

1 nectarine sliced

a handful of mint leaves

(1 tsp rosewater)

(ice cubes)


My other favorites are strawberry, lime and basil and cucumber, lemon and thyme. What an easy way to make drinking water a little fancier and most of all fun!


Hope you’re having a lovely week and remember to drink water. Also let me know what are your favorite flavor combos for infused water or if you have any other tips to help keep the hydration levels up in the summer.


I’ll see you again later!


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