wardrobe clear out

Hello everyone!

How is the spring treating you at the moment? I love the feeling you often get at spring time where you start wanting to clear out everything, to make things feel more simple and fresh. I think it has the most to do with the growing amount of day light. Representing some sort of awakening. At least for me, when the weather starts to become warmer and the sun is out more and more, being inside begins to feel kind of suffocating. What I find really helpful at this time of the year in particular, is to make sure I don’t have too much stuff lying around unused.


I finally got around to clearing out my wardrobe this weekend. It’s been a long time coming, let me tell you. I have a really bad habit of not even using my closet but instead putting clothes on straight from the drying rack. And the same clothes keep cycling from there to being used to laundry and back. What it really shows is that the amount of clothes I use compared to the number that I own, is really small.

My life has come to a point where I’ve started to get frustrated and having some sort of anxiety from only the thought of opening my wardrobe. I think it holds such strange energy to it with all the mixed clothing pieces that it makes me unbalanced. It’s something I just want to get away from. So I’m finally taking charge of the situation and clearing it out. With the intention of making it a space that looks and feels like me.


image1 (42)image2 (30)

Before – After


image3 (28)

Clear out


After going through all those three shelves and looking at the amount of clothes that I will be recycling, I feel absolutely brilliant. There really wasn’t any piece of clothing that I had to think too much about before deciding whether I should keep it or not. I’ve heard that when you do this sort of declutterings, you should learn to not be too sentimental. And I feel happy about the way I handled things. I’ve balanced those thoughts on my mind with a clarity that I can be okay with. I just kept thinking ‘ what do I do with this shirt when I don’t use it at all? yes, this might bring up some memories but what do those memories do lying around year after year at the back of my wardrobe?’. I think it’s nice to maybe have one or two things that really hold something special to them, but having too much stuff only makes me feel suffocated. But of course these are all personal things to work through with yourself when you are doing some sort of a declutter. You do it for yourself.


There’s some clothes in my laundry baskets that I will be sorting out after a wash as well. And I feel like there’s still quite a lot of clothes on those shelves but what I had to remind myself on is that we have four different seasons here in Finland. With long and cold winters, there needs to be appropriate clothes to go with it. And really, I shouldn’t be too harsh with myself because the most important part is the fact that I did this and started this project. I still have accessories, outerwear and some dresses to go through but I feel like now that I’ve gotten this spark of inspiration, I’m going to have enough motivation to actually finish this spring clear out.


A thought that also drives me to do these wardrobe clear outs, is the fact that I get to recycle and give to charity. Why keep all these clothes unused in the closet when they can have an owner who needs them. There’s always something we can give to others. There’s always something good we can do. To the earth. And to all of us.


Hope you’re having a lovely day! I’ll see you again soon.


One thought on “wardrobe clear out

  1. I definitely did a little spring cleaning and decluttering at myself today it feels so good I love to keep things light 🙂 too much stuff makes me feel too heavy .. I could definitely use a little help in the organizing department LOL I’m not the best organizer but when I get started on purging out the old to make room for the new and lightning the load I’m good I usually change the furniture around in my room every 6 months because I stagnate and I like to freshen things up.. New Perspectives 😁👈

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