When you look around, what do you see? Look at the walls, the ceiling, all the corners. What does this space mean to you?

When you close your eyes, what do you feel? Are you able to let go of your thoughts and just be in the moment? There’s energy in everything. In every object, in each living creature. Are you able to take in the energy you feel around you, in your space, without your thoughts and concrete things shaping up your being in that place, in that moment?

Does that space allow you to breathe? Does it calm you down? Does it give you energy? Do you feel safe?

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Giving in to the moment, letting go of all the thoughts going through your mind, is hard.  There’s so many should’s and did’s and what if’s, that sometimes you might not even realize how much of your time you use, just going through those things, without actually doing or being a part of those things at the moment.

I used to think I was really good at being in the moment, of letting my mind rest from all the thinking. And to a certain extend that’s true. Quite rarely I have too much going on inside my head. But when we’re talking about being in the moment and feeling that moment, knowing my own energy and the energy around me, in my space, I’m struggling.

What I find myself doing, way too often, is spacing out. Sometime in the past, I “learned” spacing out, to ease.. my being. It was a safe space, away from feeling everything and anything. It wasn’t or isn’t something I consciously do. Now I can just name it and understand what I’m doing, better than before. But it doesn’t take away from it being unhealthy. If I had to explain it in words, I would say it’s like shutting down. It feels like I’m shutting down myself. It makes me feel safe, it makes me not think or feel, but it also means I’m not here. And I certainly am not in the moment.

In the past months, maybe in the past year, I’ve learned to start letting go of that safety blanket I’m so used to wearing. I don’t think it’s been really a conscious decision to start doing that, but I’ve come to realize many things that has automatically been in connection to that. For example, being inspired to connect with nature more and wanting to feel more grounded, has increased my power to be true to myself and have more balance with my emotions.

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To practice being in the moment and letting go, the first step, I think, is to find a place you feel safe in. A place you can be 100% you, with no reservation. For me that place is my home. It’s when I’m alone. I find it in simplicity. I like to look around me and have open space. Bare walls and natural lightness.

The second step, I would say, is allowing yourself to feel and accept. I find myself quite often living with a mindset of ‘I have to try..’. It’s always ‘ I have to try to be better’ or ‘I have to try to start and do’. But the truth is, all that trying is not a way to make things change for good. I find it really toxic to always have that way of thinking, because ultimately it has the undertone of ‘I’m not good enough and I have to be something and someone I’m not’.

Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to feel and accept the person you are. With that allowance you will be much more open to personal change and actually capable to work with yourself to create a healthy space for yourself. A space that doesn’t necessarily have to be stationary. A space that reflects your inner self wherever you are and lets you grow and learn and work with life.

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Whether you have a hectic life or you find time slipping by for other reasons, take a moment to appreciate the state of life you are in, at this moment. Even if you’re not happy with the way things are. Breathe and let yourself feel. Look around and find things you’re thankful for. Close your eyes and look inside and find things about yourself you’re thankful for.

I’m at a point in my life, where finding serenity is the key point. All the pushing and trying is only giving me negative energy and for sure won’t give me any room to actually find any answers and move forwards in my life.

Allowing yourself to accept who you are and where you are at your life at this moment, being in the moment and creating space for your true self, doesn’t mean slowing down to a stop. It’s about building a ground beneath you. It’s hard work. It’s not waiting and hoping. It’s working with yourself and having faith that you will figure things out as long as you keep your mind open for change.


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